I wanted to ask everyone that looks at dog ads or craigs list, etc to keep an eye out for one Papillons, that was lost or stolen in Abilene, TX. Owners are beside themselves to have this little darling back.  They were told a lot of stolen pets end up on craig’s list. He is a very distinct looking Papillon, as he is mostly white, with the brown going around only one eye and very rare one blue eye. Photo attached her to post. If you see any suspicious ads that resemble him please contact us or authorizes.


Just a quick hi to say Happy Holidays to everyone. Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner and don’t forget to be thankful for all you have. Keep our service men and women and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

Still have gorgeous puppies available. Make a great gift, any day or for an early Christmas present.

God Bless, Brenda

Here in Texas it’s hard to tell, if this is fall, but I ain’t complaining! This weather is what makes so many people relocate to our great state.

We have lots of gorgeous babies to fill your heart with joy. Give  yourself or someone you love the greatest gift of all, one that reflects your love and can love you back.

Gorgeous Papillon (Butterfly) babies. Beautiful little Papapoo (Toy Poodle/Papillon) babies and big, gorgeous babies, Rottweiler puppies. Whatever size you are wanting, from teacup to huge, we can  match you with the perfect puppy for  your family.

Hunting season is here, call us and book a hunting trip and get a trophy whitetail for your wall and venison for your freezer.

As always, say a prayer for our military and their families and God Bless, Brenda

This is the time of year that I have a love/hate relationship with. Heat and humidity is tough to bear but we do it non the less every year. We Texans have to be tough. But please provide your animals with plenty of fresh cool water and if you haven’t tried it, a kiddie pool can really add to their summer fun, too.

We have some Papillon and Papapoo puppies available and hope to have new litters of Rottweiler puppies, late Aug.

Come visit us and check out our puppies.

As always, keep our military men and women and their families in your prayers.

Enjoy your summer vacations, everyone.

Till next time, Brenda

To though of you that check out our web site on a regular basis, sorry to be so long in getting it updated. If you look in on all the new puppies we have, I think you will understand. They have been keeping me busy. But because of that, we have the perfect gift for Mom. A new puppy to love will fill her heart for years to come. Whether she wants a tiny lap dog or big companion/guardian, we have both. Check out our gorgeous, Papillons, Rottweilers and small Toy Poodles.

If she is into fishing, book a trip with Randy. That would be an awesome surprise.

Stay safe, don’t let friends and family drink and drive and as always, keep our military men and women and their families in your prayers.

Will try not to be so long in updating next time, Brenda


The holidays are just about over (again). We have some gorgeous puppies available, from ready to new born. We have one female Papapoo, DOB 11/10/13, she is a white/tan Parti, with a super wonderful personality. We have several new litters of AKC Papillon puppies, all very tiny, with great champion bloodlines and a new litter of Tiny Toy Poodles, 2 males, 1 female, all white.

We have 2 Rottweilers bred and are expecting early and mid Feb/14 litters.

Now is the time to book your spring fishing trip, to hopefully catch your double digit fish.

Have a great year and hope we can help you with your new 4-legged family member.

As always, God Bless our troops and their families!

Yeah, my favorite time of the year is here, (any time besides the middle of summer). But I do love the fall. We are in a lull with pups right now, but are expecting an early to mid Oct litter of Rottweilers and of course will have some new Papillon and Toy Poodle litters, soon, as well as our wonderful Papapoos. So, keep checking with us for info on upcoming litters. Our pups are well worth the short wait.

Hunting season is here so, reserve a whitetail hunt with us and have a great outdoors experience that will give you a lifetime of great memories. We have a great ranch in Freestone county.

As always, I want to remind everyone to keep our service men and women and their families in your prayers.

Summer time is here and now would be a great time to get that new family pet you have been wanting. While the kids are out of school and will have plenty of time to play and bond with their new family member.

We have several gorgeous Rottie pups  and a couple of male Papillons, so whether you are wanting small lap dog or a big one that just thinks he’s a small lap dog, we can fix you up.

We have several really gorgeous males and only a couple of beautiful females available. They are developing very nicely, great heads, big bone structure. Check out our available pups on the current litter page.

Everyone be safe and careful out in the intense heat and high humidity that we know we have to live with and watch out for those sneaky copperheads and other nasty pests.

Enjoy your summer, hope we can place a wonderful new puppy in your home to enjoy for many years to come and book a night fishing trip with Randy on Lake Fork, for a cool new experience, if you haven’t night fished for the lunker in the dark!

As always, please enclude our military men and women in your prayers as well the people that have been devasated by the tragidies that have hit our communities.

Later, Brenda

Spring puppies (I think it is spring) are arriving. We have a couple of new litters of Rottweilers, be first to reserve yours. We have one small AKC Toy Poodle female puppy. She is an incredible little dog with huge personality. We have several Papillons, male and female available, great personalities. Our pups are always home raised, with lots of hands on love and attention and well socialized. We do the hard work for you, in getting their crate training and housebreaking training started, as well as pre-spoiling them.

We are busy here as usual with the puppies and the fishing (I know, tough life, but somebody’s gotta do it) but I think I have my puppy pages up dated with current pics and availablity. If you don’t find what you are looking for don’t hesitiate to check with me.

Don’t forget Mom, on her special day, coming up and as always,  keep our men and women of the armed forces forever in your prayers. I hope you will all join me in adding the West, TX and Boston victims to your prayers as well.

Later, B



Brenda, I just wanted to say thank you for everything! You have been the most kind, helpful and understanding breeder, I have ever met. I can’t wait to see Buttons and I will do my best in taking care of him. I had my doubts in buying a puppy online and sending you the cashier check, but everything went so well. Thanks again! I will try to send you updated pictures of him from time to time.

Elizabeth (03/16/07)

I found Brenda Oldfield’s website three years ago when I was looking for a Papillon. It was important to me that I was dealing with a reputable breeder so I had been searching for months. Finding Brenda was a blessing! I was very pleased to see how she treated her pups like family. I could tell she was checking me out to see what kind of parent I would be as much as I was assessing the situation around me when I arrived to see the puppies. I could not have been happier with the results. My husband and I ended up with a beautiful black and white Papillon that we named Little Britches Jr., after his Dad! He is healthy and his temperament is so sweet. Brenda has always welcomed questions and has offered her assistance even years after we adopted our pup. We have been considering an addition to our family and I will not go to any other breeder except for Brenda! I recommend her to everyone that asks me about our Papillon. I was lucky to find such a wonderful Pap and such a good breeder!

Troice J Mom of Little Britches Jr.

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