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Papillon is the marvelous little dog famous for its big, beautiful, butterfly ears. Papillon being French for butterfly is a very appropriate name for this little charmer. The Phalene (French for moth) is the down-eared version of the Papillon. They are even rarer than the erect eared Papillon. I have had one Phalene over the years, in my litters of puppies.

I have told people, over the years to beware, that they are like that potato chip; it’s hard to stop with just one. Our Papillon family just keeps growing.

Papillons have beauty, extreme intelligence and personality to spare. They befriend and charm all around them. There is such an incredible amount of spirit and heart in a small package, that I sometimes wonder where they put it all and let’s not forget brave. They know no fear, that’s why I say the Papillon is my “big” little dog.

I have been enchanted with this breed for well over 25 years. Having always been a big dog person, my first encounter with the Papillon, changed all that.  Although, I continued to breed only my beloved Rottweilers, for a several more years, when I decided I wanted to add a small dog to our home, my instant choice was the Papillon. Randy, having grown up being owned by a wonderful Toy Poodle, wanted to add them, so, what else is a girl to do, I added both.  We have been happily co-existing, ever since.

Although our Papillons have excellent multi-champion pedigrees, we don’t, at this time, show our Papillons. They are my constant companions. I couldn’t bear to part with them, for them to be championed out.

Whether you are looking for a potential show dog, wanting an excellent quality breeding dog or the world’s best pet/companion, lap dog, you will find some of the most gorgeous, healthiest, happiest, most well adjusted puppies, you will find, anywhere, here,  in Texas, with us. Unless specifically sold for breeding/showing, our puppies are sold as pet/companion, with a spay/neuter contract. If you are within driving distance of our little East Texas town of Grand Saline, you can come and hand-select your new puppy. If we sell a puppy to be shipped, you can rest assured that you are getting the puppy that you selected.

Our adults have all been raised in the home as our pets and all of our puppies are home raised, in a loving, well socialized manner. Our pups get the best possible start in life, which helps in making them the secure and confident companions they grow into. We have had many of our “adoptive parents” tell us that their vets have told them that their new puppy is one of the finest they have seen and a very good job was done in giving them that great start. To the vets, we appreciate that acknowledgment of our hard work very much. We work very hard to achieve that goal. Part of that goal is to place each and every puppy we sale in a loving home environment, where they become an active family member.  I guess that is why I prefer the term “adopt” over “sale” when referring to placing our puppies.

Do yourself a favor and next time you and your family are ready for a new family member, take a Papillon into your hearts. Male or female makes no difference. They are the most incredible experience you will have, in the dog world.

Each of our puppies comes with a written health guarantee and although, we appraise our pups to the best of our ability, we cannot guarantee the show/breeding quality or adult size of any puppy.

We are about quality over quantity, so we don’t produce a lot of litters every year. But you can reserve a puppy with a nonrefundable deposit and rest assured you are getting one of the finest puppies produced.

We keep our puppies a minimum of eight weeks and with the very small ones, more like ten to twelve weeks. Since we have a couple of the smallest sires in the business we produce some very small Papillon puppies and won’t release the tiny ones till we know for sure they are ready.

When shipping a puppy, we require they be at least ten to twelve weeks of age, also.

When a puppy is being sold as pet/companion it will have a spay/neuter contract and AKC registration papers will be provided when we receive proof of spay/neuter or marked as limited, if received at time of purchase.

We offer stud service to qualified females and for our local “families” we offer limited boarding, so your baby can come back “home” for a visit, when you have to leave it behind.

Contact us by e-mail at either [email protected] or phone us at (903) 962-3056 (H) (214) 577-7916 ( C ) or toll free at (800) 894-0385

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Brenda, I just wanted to say thank you for everything! You have been the most kind, helpful and understanding breeder, I have ever met. I can’t wait to see Buttons and I will do my best in taking care of him. I had my doubts in buying a puppy online and sending you the cashier check, but everything went so well. Thanks again! I will try to send you updated pictures of him from time to time.

Elizabeth (03/16/07)

I found Brenda Oldfield’s website three years ago when I was looking for a Papillon. It was important to me that I was dealing with a reputable breeder so I had been searching for months. Finding Brenda was a blessing! I was very pleased to see how she treated her pups like family. I could tell she was checking me out to see what kind of parent I would be as much as I was assessing the situation around me when I arrived to see the puppies. I could not have been happier with the results. My husband and I ended up with a beautiful black and white Papillon that we named Little Britches Jr., after his Dad! He is healthy and his temperament is so sweet. Brenda has always welcomed questions and has offered her assistance even years after we adopted our pup. We have been considering an addition to our family and I will not go to any other breeder except for Brenda! I recommend her to everyone that asks me about our Papillon. I was lucky to find such a wonderful Pap and such a good breeder!

Troice J Mom of Little Britches Jr.

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